Experienced NHS staff worse off following ‘disastrous’ pay deal

It is estimated that thousands of NHS staff in England have found their take-home pay drop.

Ian Snug
27 April 2019
NHS Payslip

Experienced and senior NHS workers have found themselves worse off due to the pay deal.

It is estimated that several hundred hard-working NHS staff in England have found their take-home pay drop despite bring promised a pay rise by unions.


A significant increase in pension contributions for staff at the very top of their pay band has caused the take-home pay of many NHS workers to actually drop.

Additionally, due to technicalities embedded in deal, many of the same staff claim they have failed to receive the promised 1.1% supplementary payment this month.

The terms of the pay deal has also allowed employers to withhold yearly increments from staff who have failed to complete any mandatory training, meet certain unspecified local standards and, if managers, the appraisals for all their staff.

In a recent NursingNotes survey of just over a thousand NHS workers, a third said they had seen no increase in take-home pay and quarter said they had instead seen a reduction. Over half said they were unhappy with the deal.


‘A disaster from start-to-finish’

One senior staff nurse, venting her frustration, told us; “Staff were promised a pay rise. Instead we were sold a half-baked deal that was so complicated even they [healthcare unions] failed to understand it.”

Before adding; “We ask patients to make an informed decision about their care but how were staff supposed to without [all] the information? It has just been a disaster from start-to-finish.”

In August, the Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing resigned amid a flurry of concerns over the deal and a vote of no confidence was upheld in the unions ruling council.

A spokesperson for the Royal College of Nursing said; “We encourage members to raise any concerns over pay directly with their employer in the first instance, followed by their local RCN Steward or the RCN Direct advice line.”


UNISON, the union who claim to have led pay negotiations, did not respond to a request for comment but have previously denied misleading their members.

Unions will commence pay negotiation for 2021-2022 next year.

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