Jersey pay offer would put newly qualified nurses on £39,000

The pay offer means that nurses in Jersey would earn £16,000 more than their counterparts in England.

Ian Snug
10 December 2018
NHS Payslip

Under the proposed pay deal, a newly qualified nurse would earn £39,0000.

Nurses working in the UK State of Jersey have received a new pay offer in a ‘last-ditch attempt’ to avoid a ballot for industrial action and address pay disparity with other healthcare professionals.


The Royal College of Nursing has been spearheading negotiations.

The offer comes as Jersey nurses withdrew ‘goodwill’ last month – declining bank shifts and taking their breaks in full.

The new deal means that staff would receive an uplift of 3.1% for 2018 and 3% for 2019.

Alongside the offer, the State of Jersey has promised to overhaul roles in health and community services to address the issue of pay disparity with allied health professionals.


‘The end of negotiations’.

If accepted, the pay deal would see newly qualified nurses could earn £39,174.91 a year – £16,000 more than their counterparts in England.

A spokesperson for the State of Jersey confirmed the deal would be the same for all nurses after the rejection of a previous deal which would not have been the same for all nurses and midwives.

The offer is considered a ‘last-ditch attempt’ to avoid a ballot on industrial action.

Di Francis, RCN Senior Officer, said; “We have reached the end of our negotiations with the States employment board and it is in the hands of our members to decide if they wish to accept or reject the offer,”


Voting over the pay deal for will open shortly.

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