Majority of doctors support nurses taking strike action

NHS workers have been subjected to over a decade of real-terms pay cuts.

Ian Snug
15 March 2021

Health unions are calling upon the Government to give NHS workers a restorative rise.

The majority of Doctor would support nurses if they were forced to take strike action, according to a new poll.


A survey of 450 Doctors undertaken by reveals that the majority (66%) are in favour of nurses taking strike action.

Health unions have been calling upon the Government to give NHS workers an immediate restorative rise of between 12.5% and 15% after over a decade of real-terms pay cuts.

This news comes after the Government told the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) that a 1% pay rise for NHS workers was all it could afford. Subsequently, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) announced the UK’s largest industrial action fund as it prepares to fight the Government on pay.

The poll also found that less than a quarter (23%) of doctors were against nurses taking industrial action while just one in ten say they are unsure.


Another poll undertaken by showed overwhelming public support for nurses taking strike action.

Nurses United UK said it was pleased and unsurprised by the results of the poll.

A spokesperson for the group said; “6 years ago nurses stood in solidarity with Junior Doctors – we are one team and we need everyone to keep our NHS running.

“Things have been hard for all NHS workers and it is great to see this sincere solidarity from our medical colleagues and if we’re united together we can win this”


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