New hospitals ‘useless’ without enough staff to provide safe patient care, warn senior nurses

The Prime Minister has announced £3.7 billion will be spent to build 40 new hospitals across the UK.

James McKay
2 October 2020
Nurse walking in street

A massive 36% of nurses are considering leaving the profession.

Any new hospitals will be “useless” without enough staff to provide safe patient care, say leading nurses.


The Prime Minister has announced today that the Government will spend £3.7 billion to build 40 new hospitals across the UK.

New hospitals in London, Manchester, Nottingham, and Yorkshire are just some of the projects being given the green light.

In response to the news, senior nurses have warned that any new hospitals will be little use if the Government fails to invest in enough staff to provide safe patient care.

Useless hospitals.

A recent survey reveals that 36% of nurses are now considering leaving the profession despite there already being over 40,000 nursing vacancies across the NHS in England alone.


Nurses United UK have been critical of the PM’s plans – dubbing the new hospitals “useless”.

Anthony Johnson, lead organiser for the grassroots group, said “What is the point in building any hospitals if you don’t have the nurses to staff them?

“What we all know is that it’s out in our communities when we see our GPs and if we have a stable home that healthcare happens.

“Maybe instead of a bunch of useless hospitals, we could start to make sure that we have PPE to keep our staff safe? Or a Living Bursary? Safe Staffing Ratios? Or a 15% pay rise to bring us back to safety?”


Invest in education.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) echoed the concerns raised by Mr. Johnson.

Dame Donna Kinnair, RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary, added; “Whether hospitals are rebuilt or wholly new, they will struggle to provide safe patient care without enough nurses.

“Unfair salaries are pushing nursing staff out of jobs they love when England’s NHS is already missing tens of thousands.

“To get the numbers for safe care, the Prime Minister must invest in the education of a new generation and increase nursing pay by 12.5% with immediate effect.”

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