NHS Employers claim the RCN wrongfully told staff they would receive a 3% pay rise

NHS Employers claims the RCN has made an “error” and denies offering a 3% pay rise. NHS Employers has said […]

Chloe Dawson
26 July 2018
RCN Voice of Nursing

NHS Employers claims the RCN has made an “error” and denies offering a 3% pay rise.

NHS Employers has said the Royal College of Nursing made an “error” in telling it’s members they would receive a 3 percent pay rise this summer, adding the framework agreement provided to unions did not contain this promise.


Guidance provided for RCN reps last week confirms that the union was aware of the correct information but failed to highlight it to its members during the consultation. The document states; “The initial increase for most other staff will typically be 1.5% until they reach their normal incremental pay date.” 

Apologies have been made.

The head of the Royal College of Nursing issued a formal apology to its members yesterday over the error but it has meet met with hostility on social media.

Following a consultation period, the NHS pay deal was ‘overwhelming’ accepted by staff in June but members are calling into question the validity of the consultation after they made a decision on false information.

The pay blunder will affect one million NHS staff in England.


‘The RCN has made an error’.

Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive of NHS Employers, said: “The letter states that the RCN has in error told members in one of its documents that they would all receive “a 3 per cent uplift this summer”.

“The framework agreement, which is the document agreed by the NHS Staff Council that the RCN consulted its members on, does not make this claim.

“This miscommunication is very unfortunate and clearly the RCN will need to review all of its communications to understand the extent of its error.

“We hope that this issue between the RCN and its membership can be resolved quickly, and we would direct colleagues towards the information on our website which makes clear the pay journeys for different staff over the next three years.”


However, NHS Employer did not take any known steps to rectify the misinformation.

Senior members of the Royal College of Nursing are trying to hold the union to account over claims it ‘misrepresented’ the NHS pay deal by calling for a vote of no confidence in the organisation’s leadership.

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