NHS turns to Mumsnet to help fill 40,000 nursing vacancies

The partnership will “inspire more nurses to return to practice”.

Matt Bodell
4 June 2019
Mumsnet Online Community

Mumsnet will help to entice former nurses back into the profession.

The NHS in England has announced a partnership with Mumsnet to help “inspire more nurses to return to practice”.


The partnership is part of a package of measures designed to help fill vacancies throughout the health service and healthcare bosses see the online parenting community as a way to entice former nurses back to the profession.

Despite a recent small increase in staff numbers, there are approximately 40,000 nursing and 110,000 social care vacancies in England alone.

In March, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) said it was looking at making it easier for those wanting to undertake a return to practice course.

Inspiring nurses to return to practice.

The Interim NHS People Plan states; “Health Education Health Careers is launching a new marketing campaign, including a partnership with Mumsnet, designed to inspire more nurses to return to practice and make them aware of the opportunities and support available.”


The report also sets out a package of measures designed to grow staff numbers alongside making the NHS a ‘better place to work’.

Plans include the introduction of an online nursing degree and increasing the number of nursing associates.

Patricia Marquis, RCN Director for England, said: “The People Plan’s proposal to launch a campaign with Mumsnet to try to persuade nurses to return to practice is sensible – but we shouldn’t ignore the factors that have caused so many nursing staff to quit in the first place.

“More and more staff cite stress and burnout as their reason for leaving, caused largely by the huge gaps in staffing in the NHS – until the fundamental problem of workforce shortages is resolved, nurses will continue reluctantly to leave the profession they love”.


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