Nurses gather outside Downing Street on International Nurses Day calling for a pay rise

Nurses United UK also called for a full public enquiry into the Government’s handling of COVID-19.

Matt Bodell
12 May 2020
Nurses United International Nurses Day

A massive 77% of the public support a 10% pay rise for nurses.

Today on International Nurses Day, nurses gathered in order to call for a substantial pay rise for nurses and other healthcare workers.


A poll, conducted by YouGov, shows that 77% of the public support a 10% pay increase for nurses.

The gathering, organised by grassroots nursing campaigning group Nurses United UK, called for a meaningful pay rise for healthcare staff, the introduction of safe minimum staffing levels in England, an increase in the student nurse bursary and the end to racial discrimination in the health service.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all either implemented safe minimum staffing levels or have future plans to do so.

The nurses involved in the gathering adhered to strict social distancing guidance at all times.


Urgent action is needed.

Mark Boothroyd, an A&E nurse, who organised the protest said, “Nurses across the NHS are still affected by the issues of low pay, short staffing, student debt and racial discrimination, all issues which have made tackling the COVID-19 pandemic harder.

“We need urgent action on all these issues, alongside a fair pay rise, that the public supports.”

Nurses United UK also called for a full public enquiry into the Government’s handling of COVID-19 after upwards of 200 health and social care have lost their lives. 

Saharla Musa, a nurse and Nurses United member said, “Today, on International Nurses Day, as we remember those nurses that lost their lives during this pandemic.


“We shall move forward, in their honour, in making things better for nurses especially nurses of colour. Today is the start”

You can join the fight with Nurses United UK for as little as £2 per month.

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