RCN announces ‘independent review’ following claims it ‘misrepresented’ the NHS pay deal

The Royal College of Nursing has announced an independent review following claims it ‘misrepresented’ the NHS pay deal. Janet Davies, General Secretary […]

Matt Bodell
27 July 2018
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The Royal College of Nursing has announced an independent review following claims it ‘misrepresented’ the NHS pay deal.

Janet Davies, General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, has announced an “immediate independent external review” which will look at “the governance and process resulting in this situation”.


Thousends of NHS staff took to social media on mass this week to say they feel the union ‘misrepresented’ the deal after staff failed to receive the 3% increase that were promised.  UNISON denies it made any similar claims.

Earlier this week, Ms. Davies, wrote to members to apologise after admitting the union “told all members that they would receive a 3 per cent uplift this summer”, adding “I now find that this is not the case for everyone.”

‘The deal is incredibly complex’.

In the statement, Janet Davies said; ” On Wednesday, I hope you saw my email to apologise for the confusion about your pay this year.

“In the two days since, we have looked again at every detail. By the end of March next year, everybody’s salary will have increased by a minimum of 3% compared to a year earlier.


“However, for those of you receiving increment payments you will not receive that money for the whole year – only from your increment date. Before that, only 1.5% of your total award will be backdated to the start of April.

“The deal is incredibly complex due to a reform of the pay structure being carried out at the same time. It was therefore difficult to give details of what it meant to every one of you individually.

“I have personally gone through all of our messages and our understanding of it. I can only apologise for how we interpreted it and how we suggested to you that a 3% rise would be backdated for everyone.

“Your elected Council met this morning to discuss a way forward and it agreed that an immediate independent external review will look at the governance and process resulting in this situation.


“The RCN values its members and we strive to give you the best service. I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate the work you do and we are sorry that you will feel let down.”

A vote of no confidence.

Earlier today, senior RCN members submitted a petition calling for a ‘vote of no confidence’ in the union’s leadership.

Anthony Johnson, Health Visitor and RCN member, said; “1,200 after 24 hours shows what happens when you give us a chance to be heard. Too often we hear that members have a voice and that they should use it. But we did use it and our union drowned us out with talk of 3% pay rises. We’ve seen this week what a lie that was. It’s time for members to be heard. It’s also time for the leadership to listen. Otherwise, they should join another union.”

Danielle Tiplady, Nurse and RCN Activist, said; “The members have clearly spoken by gathering over 1200 signatures on the petition to request an emergency general meeting and a lack of confidence in the leadership of the RCN in just over 24 hours. Members of unions have felt misled, and the RCN responding so quickly and confirming a meeting will happen is welcomed by all. This will give us the chance to ask questions and hold those to account who represent us.”

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