RCN Council seeking re-election despite vote of no confidence

The council will be responsible for appointing the new Chief Executive & General Secretary alongside making key operational decisions on behalf of members.

Ian Snug
30 October 2018

Members of the current council are standing for re-election despite a recent vote of no confidence.

Those standing for election to the RCN’s governing Council have been announced, and controversially, the candidates include numerous members of the current council.


Elections are being held after 12 of the 17 current Council members announced they would stand down following an Extraordinary General Meeting at which the majority of RCN members who voted signalled they had no confidence in the current council.

The vote was held in response to the unions handling of the NHS pay deal, in which members were given inaccurate information about how the deal would be implemented, and a damning external which view which significant failings in the unions leadership.

Brian Murphy, Siobhan Donald, Richard Jones, David Miller, Cynthia Davis, Trevor Peel, Dave Dawes, Sue Warner and Carol Popplestone are all standing for re-election despite members deciding they had no confidence in them only last month.

A fresh start.

Following the recent resignations of chief pay negotiator Josie Irwin, general secretary Janet Davies and director of member relations Chris Cox – some members claim a ‘fresh start’ is also needed with the council.


Controversy also struck the presidential elections after it was revelled a candidate has close ties to UKIP – including a failed leadership bid.

According to the unions website, the new council will be responsible for appointing the new Chief Executive & General Secretary alongside making key operational decisions on behalf of members and providing direction to the unions leadership team.

Mistakes will never be repeated.

Maria Trewern, Chair of the RCN Council, previously said the mistakes of the council would never be repeated; “When dealing with the pay deal, the organisation did make mistakes and did not listen well enough to the issues raised by members. For this you are owed an apology – and on behalf of the College, I am truely sorry for what happened. 

“Once the extent of the failings became clear. It was your elected Council that moved straight in to take action. It was Council who demanded the independent review that we now have.” 


“This should not have happened – colleagues, you deserve better, and this Council will make sure they are never repeated.”

Voting opens in November.

Voting will open by postal ballot on 21 November and close on 11 December.

Details of the candidates standing for election can be found on the elections pages of the RCN website.

Members will have until Friday the 2nd of November to raise objections to the candidates’ eligibility to stand for election.

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