RCN launches internal review after pay deal mistakes

The review will be led by the Centre for Public Scrutiny – an expert on corperate governance.

Clare Bodell
4 February 2020
RCN Sign

An independent review will review the organisations’ decision-making processes.

The Royal College of Nursing is today beginning the process of an independent review of its governance and decision-making processes after concerns were raised about its handling of the NHS pay deal. 


The review will be led by the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) and was called for by members at RCN Congress in 2019.

The review is to ensure the RCN’s members have good oversight of the organisation’s strategy and the process for key decisions, have the opportunity to influence and shape the organisation, are assured of openness and transparency and find its structures fit for purpose.

All members of the RCN will be invited to complete a survey, which will be emailed during February and the responses will be sent directly to the CfPS. There will also be a number of focus groups across the UK and members can ask to be interviewed.

Learning from what has happened.

It will also examine the reforms made to the RCN’s governance arrangements which followed a 2016 review. This report led to the size of RCN Council being reduced and members being elected directly to two separate committees to strengthen the work of both the Professional College and Trade Union functions.


The findings of the new review will be made available to members in advance of the 2020 RCN Congress in Liverpool and help inform better decision-making, member engagement and greater scrutiny and transparency.

Dee Sissons, Chair of Council for the Royal College of Nursing said: “We are determined to learn from what has gone before and ensure we are not only committed to listening to our members but know for sure we have the structures in place to hear their voice.

“I would urge as many members as possible to respond to the review in what I hope will be a constructive and learning process and will lead to the RCN being much more open, transparent and responsive to the views of members.”

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