Trust encourages staff to socially distance using ‘quirky’ posters

The trust hopes the campaign will emphasise the importance of staff undertaking social distancing.

Ian Snug
4 June 2020

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust have produced a series of images and posters in order to communicate with our clinical colleagues about the importance of continuing to socially distance.


As lockdown measures start to be relaxed the trust hopes the campaign will emphasise the importance of staff undertaking social distancing.

Featuring images of face masks, visors, crash trolleys and hospital beds, the trust says the “quirky campaign” communicates the message in a way people understand. Throughout the pandemic, North Tees and Hartlepool have delivered their serious messages at a local level to the region, from highlighting the need to stay ten parmos apart to suggesting that the width of 25 lemon tops would be an appropriate distance to stay safe.

Ensuring staff socially distance in clinical settings when they are able has been an ongoing issue for many healthcare providers.


Chief Nurse and Director of Patient Safety and Quality, Julie Lane explains more “with some of the restrictions enforced by the lockdown now being relaxed, we wanted to once more energise the need to stick to some simple rules to stop the spread.

“For our staff, it isn’t always possible to socially distance in clinical settings, but we do have to ensure that their safety, and that of our patients is always of paramount importance. PPE has become a way of life for colleagues on the front line, more than at any time before. Using some instantly recognisable everyday objects should hopefully attract staff attention”.

Whilst the message is a little playful, Julie also points out the need for adhering to the two metre rule at all times for her colleagues “even out of clinical situations, we are making every effort to ensure our hospitals and our work spaces are configured for social distancing. Our staff have responded brilliantly so far, we are so very proud – we just need to keep going, to keep pushing on”.

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