NHS Annual Leave Entitlement Calculator

Our NHS Annual Leave Calculator can be used for most NHS workers except for doctors, dentists, and very senior NHS managers.

NHS annual leave and holiday allowances for employees contracted under Agenda for Change (AfC) are calculated on a pro-rata basis as per the NHS staff handbook. 

Annual leave and bank holiday calculator

Based upon the information provided the entitlement has been calculated using the terms set out in the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook.
Entitlement Bank Holidays Total
202.5 hours
(27 days)
0 hours
(0 days)
202.5 hours

Annual leave entitlement

Every NHS worker whether part-time or full-time is entitled to paid annual leave. This is cauclated based upon the number of years of service plus the number of bank holidays in the financial year.

On appointment staff recieve 27 days plus bank holidays.
After five years service this increases to 29 days plus bank holidays.
After ten years service this increaes to 33 days plus bank holidays.

The annual leave of part-time or temporary staff is calculated on a pro-rota basis.