Healthcare leaders say 'thank you' to the 'snow heroes'

Healthcare leaders have thanked the staff who walked miles in the snow, dug vehicles out of drifts and slept in hospitals.

NHS Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, has praised heroic NHS staff for defying arctic conditions that have brought the rest of Britain to a standstill as they worked tirelessly to ensure patient care has continued uninterrupted.

This week doctors, nurses, paramedics and care staff 'have taken extraordinary measures' to ensure patients continue to get the care they need - battling freezing conditions, snow and ice covering Britain as temperatures dropped as low as -10C.


Some staff walked miles through the snow to get to work, while others slept overnight in hospitals to make sure they were there for their next shift.

Image: Maria Gould / Twitter

The awe-inspired general public have hailed healthcare professionals and care staff from around the UK who worked tirelessly to ensure patients remained safe.

The NHS boss singled out a London paramedic and staff at Sunderland for a special mention, saying:

“We’ve seen examples across the country, including Kat, a paramedic from London Ambulance service, who cycled to her blue light emergencies when the vehicles couldn’t get through. And staff in Sunderland who stayed overnight in the hospital last night, as has happened in many places around the country in order to be there for patients.”

Sir Bruce Keogh, Chairman of the NHS National Emergency Pressures Panel, said:

“The panel wants to thank all NHS colleagues for their continued hard work and dedication in the face of a ‘perfect storm’ of appalling weather, flu and norovirus.

“With the severe conditions expected to continue we ask patients, their families to bear with us as we seek to minimise any disruption.”

NHS England has repeated its advice to the public to keep warm during the ongoing cold snap and to stock up with medicines.

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