NHS Hospitals Earn £120 Million from Car Parking Charges

NHS Hospitals have earned a recording breaking £120 million pounds in the latest year from car parking.

The figure is the highest ever recorded and includes the fees paid by staff, patients and visitors.

Trusts have defended the charges by saying some or all of the money was put back into patient care or was spent on maintaining car parks or grounds. Others the size of the hospital and the fact that they served busy neighbourhoods meant they took more in revenue.


The Top 10 NHS Trusts by Parking Income:

1. Heart of England £4,841,108 (patient/visitor £3,465,357, staff £1,375,751)

2. East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust £3,671,735 (patient/visitor £1,920,283, staff £1,751,452)

3. University Hospital Southampton £3,366,770 (of which £1,015,081 was from staff)

4. University Hospitals of North Midlands £3,347,723 (patients/visitors £2,503,097, staff £844,626)

5. Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust £3,030,678

6. South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust £2,987,458

7. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust £2,801,117 (patients/visitors £2,193,884, staff £607,233)

8. Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust £2,659,000

9. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust £2,557,081

10. Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust £2,349,449 (patients/visitors £1,326,115, staff £1,023,334)