NHS pay deal is "mean spirited", says Labour

The Labour Party has called on the Government to reverse plans to exchange a day's annual leave for a pay day.

Shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, said the Government was "mean spirited" for taking away the annual leave of "dedicated staff" in return for an NHS pay deal.

Last week it was leaked that NHS Staff are on track for a 6.5 percent pay rise over three years but must forfeit a days holiday in return.


The 6.5% rise would see the average salary for a Band 5 Staff Nurse in the UK rise from £25,653 to £27.192 over the three years – an increase of just £1539 and well below the current rate of inflation.

Mr McDonnell told the Chancellor: ‘We are expecting the pay offer to NHS staff shortly – forced on him by the Labour Party’s and trade unions’ campaigns against the pay cap.

‘Let me say to him, taking away a day’s holiday from those dedicated staff is mean spirited and I ask him now, will he drop this miserly demand?’

But Unions say the leaked deal is inaccurate.

The Royal College of Nursing initially declined to comment on the rumoured deal but has since made the following statement; “The RCN has been part of pay talks alongside all NHS unions. They are on-going and have not concluded. Once there is agreement in principle – and the Treasury commits to fully fund it – our members will decide if any deal is acceptable“.

UNISON’s also made the following statement; “UNISON has been leading these pay talks since December and we are close to a final position which we can put to NHS staff for consideration. However, the details in the article are incomplete, unconfirmed and inaccurate in part”.

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