NHS Professionals no longer on the path toward privatisation

The Department of Health has abandoned plans to privatise NHS Professionals, the publically owned agency that supplies staff to the health service.

Last year, the Department of Health (DoH) decided to sell a majority share in the government-owned staffing agency NHS Professionals.

NHS Professionals was created by the last Labour government in 2010. It currently holds a bank of over 90,000 workers, including nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants and fills more than two million shifts a year, saving the NHS £70m.

But, due to the lack of adequate interest in the company, it is to remain in public hands.

Health Minister Philip Dunne told the National Health Executive that; “after careful consideration” it had been concluded that none of the offers received by the Department of Health “reflected the company’s growing potential and improved performance” and that NHS Professionals will instead remain in “wholly public ownership”.

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We have contacted NHS Professionals and the Department of Health for comment.