NHS is short of almost 11,500 Nurses and Midwives

NHS Digital has revealed that 11,485 of the 30,613 current NHS vacancies are for Nurses or Midwives.

Figures released by NHS Digital show that the number of full-time equivalent posts available increased from 26,424 in March 2016 to 30,613 in March 2017 – the biggest number ever recorded.

The news comes within days of a study showing 25% of NHS staff regularly worked an average of 8 hours unpaid overtime a week.


A massive 38% of these vacancies are for Registered Nurses or Midwives a rise of 17% on last year.

The significant drop in the number of EU Nurses applying to work in the UK alongside ongoing pay restraint and the removal of the NHS Bursary system is said to be to blame.

NHS Digital also showed the nursing workforce is shrinking. The total number of nurses employed by NHS in England fell from 285,080 in April 2016 to 284,619 in April 2017.

They went on to admit however that they were undercounting, especially for nurses, as some employers don’t use the NHS Jobs site.

Janet Davies, the Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “The true number of unfilled jobs is far higher than the number of online adverts and stands at 40,000 in England alone”.

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