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NHS Should Move to Home-Based Care says Chief Nursing Officer

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NHS Should Move to Home-Based Care says Chief Nursing Officer
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Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer, of NHS England said too much cash is being wasted on “old and expensive” hospitals, rather than in a more efficient home-based care system.

The Chief Nursing Officer says that the NHS needs to spend more money looking after people in their own homes rather than in hospital, as budget deficits hit an all time high.

Jane said: “With more care provided at home, the NHS can spend more cash on patients rather than maintaining old and expensive buildings. And more people can be better looked after, with care personalised to their needs.”


"Refocusing" the spending towards home care would be controversial, but is necessary. She went on to explain in her letter to the Guardian, she said: “Whatever the merits of these plans, choices like these will always be controversial because we are talking about changes to strongly supported services that have served communities well for years.

“So this is not a moment to sit on our hands, nor to instigate big-bang changes. What we need is decisive but well-debated, locally owned improvements, doing things for which nurses, doctors and other health and care workers have argued for years.”

She says we are working with an “outdated models of care” and patients are frequently "falling between the cracks".

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