NHS staff in Scotland & Wales will receive a 1% pay increase

NHS staff in Scotland and Wales will receive a 1% pay increase.

NHS Scotland and NHS Wales have announced this week that they have accepted recommendations from the NHS Pay Review Body on NHS pay.

The NHSPRB report recommends that all NHS Staff are subject to ongoing pay restraint. You can read about it here.


The changes should be implemented in time for April’s pay, it said in a statement.

Scottish health secretary Shona Robison said: “I am glad to confirm that all NHS Scotland staff will receive salary increases from 1 April in line with the recommendations from the independent pay review bodies".

Welsh health secretary Vaughan Gething said: “I am pleased that I am able to award pay increases in line with the independent pay review bodies’ pay recommendations and to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to staff working in the NHS in Wales".

Today's news comes within a month of a petition calling for the removal of the pay cap for NHS staff was debated in parliament, news that the number of EU Nurses coming to the UK has plummeted and the RCN revealed that a record number of nurses are applying for hardship grants.

Public sector workers alongside NHS staff have now suffered 9 years of pay restraint with pay falling dramatically short of the increased cost of living and inflation.

Michael Brown, RCN Chair of Council, explained that Nurses are seeing a "real-world pay cut" with salaries plummeting by more than 14% in real terms. You can use their pay calculator to find out your individual figure.