NHS waiting lists hit 4 million for first time in ten years

Four Million NHS patients are currently on waiting lists for surgery – the highest number in the last ten years.

Official NHS performance statistics have revealed that over 4 million patients are currently waiting to be admitted to hospital in England to have surgery – this is the highest number in last 10 years.

Experts have said that an ongoing stream of missed performance targets in A&E, surgical waiting lists and cancer care, clearly demonstrates that the health service is now unsustainable unless it receives additional funding.


Shortages of money, staff and primary care mean that the NHS can not cope with an ongoing and unprecedented rise in demand.

Danny Mortimer, the Deputy Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, said;

“The current system is unsustainable. We simply do not have the resources to deliver what the public now expects”.

The statistics show that just over 4 million patients were waiting to undergo non-urgent operations such as a cataract removals and hip replacements at the end of June – the highest figure since August 2007 and the second highest ever on record.

Jonathan Ashworth, The Shadow Health Secretary, said: “It is staggering that this government have allowed the NHS waiting list to rise over 4 million. A year of Theresa May’s mismanagement of the NHS has pushed services to the brink and left thousands more waiting in pain for routine operations.”

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