NMC council members to receive 11% rise in annual pay

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has awarded it's council members an 11% rise in their annual pay allowance.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), has agreed that its council members should receive an 11% increase in their annual pay allowance to bring them in line with counterparts at other regulators.

The rise comes despite its registrants experiencing ongoing pay restraint alongside the recent announcement of pay 'modernisation' for NHS staff.


Council members currently receive £13,250 a year for working three days a month, but this is set to rise to £14,724 and be backdated to April 2017 despite papers from the latest council meeting revealing “no material changes” to the role.

The chair currently receives £48,000 a year. However, from May 2018, the chair of the council will receive a daily rate of £500 or £78,000 a year after it was announced the chair would be required to work three days a week rather than the previous two.

Derek Pretty, the non-Executive Chair of a public-private shared services partnership in Somerset and NMC council member, said:

“I am extremely uneasy about the model that bases what we get on comparison with others.

“Having served on remuneration committees in a variety of environments, what one has seen is a ‘piggyback’ model where things keep rising up and up".

Another council member, Stephen Thornton, said he through the rise was "reasonable, proportionate and evidence-based".

The council’s decision to increase pay allowances were made based on recommendations by a panel of experts - including members of the NHS Pay Review Body and the former Chief Nursing Officer for Wales.

You can view the minutes of the council meeting here.