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NMC include ‘People Management’ Skills in New Competencies for Nurses

The NMC plans to develop a new set of competencies for Nurses that include “People Management”, “Cross Sector Care” and “Public Health Promotion” in a clear move that marks the fundamental change that is happening to the Nursing role. 

Jackie Smith, NMC Chief Executive and Registrar, said: “The nature of nursing work is changing fast”. “To meet these challenges, they will need to be prepared with a different set of skills and competencies, focusing on areas such as high quality, cross sector care, people management skills, and public health promotion and it is essential that our pre-registration education standards cater for these”.

“Council has taken the decision to approve further work on defining the skills and competencies of the nurse of the future. This is a substantial piece of work that will involve close collaboration with our stakeholders across the UK”.

Changes are happening rapidly within healthcare; the introduction of the Nursing Associate, removal of the NHS Bursary and the ongoing pay / conditions dispute with junior Doctors.

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Many Nurses are afraid these changes mark the move of the Nurses towards a less clinical, more managerial role similar to that of American healthcare providers.

A Nurse from Nottingham commented on the proposed changes “I think I speak for every Nurses in the country when I say I came into Nursing to Nurse – not to people manage!“.