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NMC says it can’t Penalise Students for Walk-out #BursaryorBust

The NMC, have this morning, released a statement reassuring nursing and midwifery students that they can’t be penalised by the NMC for the proposed Walk-Out. 

NursingNotes contacted the NMC late last week to comment on the proposed Walk-out by students that is being planned for the 10th of February 2016.

An NMC spokesperson said “As students are not registered with us, we do not regulate them and do not play a role in penalising them for taking industrial action.

 “We do not prevent nurses and midwives from taking part in lawful industrial action. However, they have a duty to uphold the professional standards in the Code at all times.”

The NMC were asked to comment on the proposed bursary cuts but declined.

We encourage you however to use common sense when taking part in the proposed walk-out, being mindful of the NMC Code of Conduct and making your mentor aware of your involvement in advance. Finally you should contact your local Students’ Union or Union Rep for advise prior to taking action.

The NHS Bursary Cuts Forum calls student healthcare professionals to action: “As healthcare professionals it is our duty to stand up for our patients and to protect our NHS. We call on all of you to unite and stand with us for the 1 hour walk-out on the 10th of February. Healthcare students are the are the future, without the bursary we are at risk of losing these students. It is essential we show the government we will not stand for these cuts”.

This is good news for student healthcare professionals in the ongoing fight against the withdrawal of the NHS Student Bursary – which was announced by George Osbourne at the annual budget review in November 2015.