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Do I really need a degree to be a nurse?

Do I really need a degree to be a nurse?

Dear Editor

"I am currently being pressurised by my ward sister to top up my nursing diploma to a degree."

"I will be forced to self-fund this via a student loan as my small sub-acute trust has a very limited LBR budget and will only provide funding for those in more senior roles."


"I feel very strongly that a degree is not required to be a band 5 staff nurse."

"I am happy in my current band 5 role, will be coming to the end of my carer in the next five years and have little interest in progressing."

"Finally, I fear that if I do undertake my degree I won't be able to undertake the academic writing that is required."

"Can I be forced to undertake this? What would happen if I refuse?"

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