NHS Pay Review Body Recommends 1% Pay Cap is Extended

Healthcare workers are set to endure further pay restraint as the NHS Pay Review Body confirms the 1% pay cap is extended for another year.

In a report issued today the National Health Service Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) made a formal recommendation to the government that the 1% pay cap be extended for another financial year, until April 2018.

The new pay award is set to begin on the 1st of April 2017. You can view the Agenda for Change 2017 to 2018 Pay Scales for England on our dedicated site.


The NHSPRB is the organisation that makes 'independent' recommendations to the government on pay awards for nurses, health professionals and other NHS staff.

Many claim that todays news only adds insult to injury after last weeks announcement that substantive NHS will will be 'banned' from agency work within other NHS organisations.

Public sector workers alongside NHS staff have now suffered 9 years of pay restraint with pay falling dramatically short of the increased cost of living and inflation.

Michael Brown, RCN Chair of Council, explained that Nurses are seeing a "real-world pay cut" with salaries plummeting by more than 14% in real terms. You can use their pay calculator to find out your individual figure. 

The executive summery made the following recommendations;

  • We recommend a 1 per cent increase to all Agenda for Change pay points from 1 April 2017 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • We recommend a 1 per cent increase to the High Cost Area Supplement minimum and maximum payments.
  • We recommend that pay point 1 in Northern Ireland is adjusted so it is above the 2017/18 level of the National Living Wage.
  • The Health Departments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland should ensure that annual pay awards do not have unintended consequences in reducing the take-home pay of staff whose pay award causes them to cross pension contribution thresholds.

You can read the full report on the NHSPRB website.