Nurses to Receive an Insulting 1% Pay Rise

The government have confirmed this week that all public sector workers, including Nurses, are only going to receive a 1% pay rise in April 2016.

The Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, has come under fire after news that public-sector workers were, once again, only being offered a 1% pay increase. This announcement comes only a few weeks after MPs awarded themselves a 10% pay rise after claiming that “we are all in this together”. 

Healthcare staff have now seen 8 years without a significant pay increase and it has been calculated that these rises have not kept above the increased cost of living.

A newly qualified Band 5 Staff Nurse is paid £11.12 per hour and with the national minimum wage set to increase to £9 by 2020 it is a gap that is ever-closing. The 1% pay increase will mean most nurses will only receive a monthly pay increase of £5.38 per week or 14p per hour (band 5 Nurses at the top of their band).

The RCN and GMC have both seen increases in the amount of staff withdrawing or wishing to transfer their registration abroad.

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Nurses are calling for action from unions with many members saying this is the time for industrial action.