Nurses are the Most Trusted Profession of 2016

An international survey ranked Nurses as the overall most trusted profession shortly followed by Doctors, Pharmacists and Engineers. 

The survey, which was conducted internationally of 30 different professions ranked Nurses as the most ethical and honest profession of all (1) (2) (3).

Researchers have ranked Nurses the most trusted profession consistently for the last 22 years – the total time Nurses have been included on the survey.

It will come as to no surprise that bankers, politicians, religious leaders and union leaders ended in the bottom of the rankings with their trust rating dropping significantly from previous years.

Gary Morgan, Executive Chairman, Roy Morgan Research says: “Roy Morgan’s annual Image of Professions survey for 2016 shows a majority of professions (23) recorded increases in their ratings for ‘ethics and honesty’ over the past year although Nurses 92% (unchanged from 2015) have retained top spot for the 22nd survey in a row.”

Sadly, the popular IPSOS polls exclusive to the UK doesn’t, at this point, include Nurses as but Doctors continue to champion the survey.

Do you agree with this result? Are Nurses really the most trusted profession?