Nurses vote overwhelmingly in favour of strike action

The Royal College of Nursing polls shows that Nurses are overwhelmingly in support of strike action but many still failed to vote.

The Royal College of Nursing held consultative ballot on potential industrial action earlier this month and the results have revealed that Nurses are overwhelming in support of strike action but the number of voters fell short of that needed to initiate for formal ballot.

The RCN said more than 50,000 Nurses voted in the ballot with nine out of 10 supporting action short of a strike, while almost four out of five backed strikes.


Nurses have suffered a 14 per cent pay cut in real terms since 2010 because of NHSPRB recommendations to cap pay.

Michael Brown, chairman of the RCN Council, said: “Our members have given us the very clear message that they can’t and won’t take any more.

“This is an unprecedented show of anger and frustration over the Government’s pay policy. Politicians must now listen and tell us what they will do about nursing pay.

“It’s a message to all parties that the crisis in nursing recruitment must be put centre stage in this election. We’re demanding answers on behalf of our patients as well as nursing staff.

“If we don’t stand up now, how can we guarantee their future safety and wellbeing?”

If the a strike does go ahead, it will be the first time industrial action has been taken in the Royal College of Nursing's 100-year history.