Nursing Apprenticeships Starting in September 2017

Degree-level nursing apprenticeships are set to start in September 2017, the government has confirmed.

The introduction of nursing apprenticeships follows major changes to the routes into nursing and are offered instead of the traditional degree course. These changes come only months after the announcements that student nurses will no longer receive bursaries and will instead will take out means-tested loans.

The apprenticeships have been designed as an alternative to students splitting their time between university and their employer. They will be offered initially at the Universities of Derby, Gloucestershire, Greenwich and Sunderland with other universities offering the course at a later date.


Up to 1,000 NHS staff are set to start their apprenticeships in September 2017.

At the end of the training, which will usually take five years, a nurse apprentice will have a nursing degree and full Nursing & Midwifery Council registration, whereas a qualified nursing associate would still need more training to become a registered nurse.

Earlier this year the government committed to creating 100,000 apprenticeships within the NHS by 2020 to ensure it has a workforce with the right support, skills and numbers to provide consistently safe, high quality care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The full Council of Deans briefing on Nursing Apprenticeships is available here. The full Department of Health briefing on Nursing Apprenticeships is available here.

Do you think Nursing Apprenticeships and Nursing Associates are the answer to the NHS staffing crisis?

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