Nursing associates set to join register without ‘NMC approved’ qualification

Nursing associates who trained through pilot schemes will be able to join the regulator’s register despite not having gained an “NMC approved” qualification.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has still yet to set the standards for the nursing associate role as it waits for changes to legislation so it can open the register to the new role, which has seen yet further delays.

Jackie Smith, the NMC’s Chief executive and Registrar, previously said the nursing associate role had been developed in the “wrong order” as standards should have been set before courses began.

But, the regulator said “transitional arrangements” will be put in place for the 2,000 trainees who started their training this year.

The early draft of the proposed proficiencies that nursing associates will have to achieve is expected to be made available this week.

Educational institutions who teach undergraduate nursing must have their establishment and courses approved with the NMC prior to the commencement of any training.

We have approached the Royal College of Nursing for comment.

Health Education England (HEE) are expected to check pilot sites later this year to ensure they are compliant with the current curriculum framework.