How often should I get an Increment?

Agenda for Change pay points, or increments, are designed to reward you for continued service to the NHS and the constant development of your skills base. 

How often should I receive an increment? You should move up a pay point or receive an increment on a yearly basis.

Is my increment automatic? Increasingly increments are no longer automatic and are linked with your annual review and job performance. If you fail to meet expected standards then you can be refused an increment.

What happens if I change jobs? If you move jobs or change employers you should continue on your current pay point as long as your position is still within the NHS and requires the same skill-set. Sadly there are no hard and fast rules about this so you should clarify your pay fully at interview.

What happens if I have a break in employment? If you have a break in service you could be asked to start again at the bottom of your banding.

What are the Agenda for Change Bands & Pay Points? You can see a full breakdown of the AfC banding and pay points here.

Are increments currently frozen? There is no current freeze on increments as a whole although this might be dependent on the financial stability of your NHS Trust or employer.

All the information on this page has been taken directly from the NHS Employers website.