It isn’t a 6.5% rise, it’s three years of pay cuts

The crisis in the NHS is deepening every day. Nurses are disappearing. People are needlessly dying at home. Hospitals are […]

Dan Langley
21 March 2018

The crisis in the NHS is deepening every day.

Nurses are disappearing. People are needlessly dying at home. Hospitals are being pushed beyond their bed occupancy limits. Thousands of surgeries are being cancelled. Ambulances are queuing for hours. Patients sleep in corridors in pain. Mental health patients are left waiting for days & waiting lists for help are in the years.


Just last year alone, 33,000 demoralised nurses – the backbone of the NHS – disappeared. That’s a 20% increase compared to the 2012 rate. Patient safety is now highly jeopardised.

All the Conservatives can respond with is pure disdain.

It isn’t a 6.5% pay rise – it’s 3 years worth of pay cuts! either matching inflation or below it. We will see at lunchtime (hopefully no more postponements brought on by lack of democracy and transparency) whether or not things have changed. Either way Nurses, this is our time to fight for what is best for not only us and our working conditions but the patients and wider society as a whole. You’ve all done wonderfully so far showing your pure outrage at their attacks on us! Think about it, if they took the annual leave theft off the agenda just because of some rumblings on the internet by just a fraction of the Nursing Workforce, imagine what we can do when we move as one mass organised collective.

It just goes to show how strong we really are and what a weak position the DUP propped up Tories are actually in. They retreat at the first sign of dissent, well they haven’t seen anything yet! This is why the naysayers and jaded Nurses who say ‘All Nurses are apathetic and won’t change things’ are completely wrong and aren’t analysing the situation as a whole. Nurses may have been milder in the past but a mood is growing. That anger and resentment won’t stop at hollow words and even more hollow pay offers, now that it is beginning to roll.


It’s time to put that outrage into action. Join the RCN, call for emergency meetings, go to your branches, put in motions for changes you want to see, organise your workplaces, Reject the Tory pay cuts and help transform society for the better. We have a responsibility on each of our shoulders as one of the biggest workforces in the UK. And I say to the union leaders and others who insult the membership and say they’re not political enough: You never really know how far you can go until you’ve tried.

Ballot us for strike action, don’t stand in our way as we attempt to better our future and the future of society.

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