Millions of Nurses to be promoted to Doctors to solve Staffing Crisis

The Government has announced it’s long-awaited plans to tackle the healthcare staffing crisis – thousands of experienced Nurses are set to ‘promoted’ to become Doctors.

This controversial move will see ‘millions’ of Nurses promoted, with immediate effect, to Doctors in order to tackle the NHS staffing crisis head-on.

The government claim they are acting upon new evidence by the Department of Social Status that suggests becoming a Doctor is a Nurses ultimate fantasy.


The Kings Landing NHS Trust will be the first in the country to instigate these changes with the new Doctors hitting the wards this afternoon following an intense 4 hours training session this morning.

The government clearly outlines in the document that Nurses will be taking on medical roles on top of their exciting nursing duties. This fantastic ‘new’ role is referred to in the document as a Doctor-Nurse.

Dr McStaffingson from the University of Staff says “This is a fantastic opportunity for Nurses everywhere. They can finally fulfill their dream of becoming a Doctor and taking on that extra work-load on top of their existing role”.

Jason Union from the UNIRNC could not be contacted for comment.

This satirical post was published on 1st April 2017.

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