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RCN Calls for Final Push to Trigger Debate on Nursing Pay

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RCN Calls for Final Push to Trigger Debate on Nursing Pay

The petition urging the Government to scrap an NHS pay cap of 1% for Nurses is nearing 100,000 signatures and the RCN is encouraging patients and professionals to sign.

The government petition, started by Nurse Danielle Tiplady, states that Agenda for Change staff have experienced pay restraint since 2010 and lost about 14% of their pay in real terms and calls for a parliamentary debate on nursing pay.

More than 90,000 people have signed the petition to date - only once it reaches the 100,000 will the issue will be considered for debate in parliament.


RCN Chief Executive Janet Davies said: “Nursing staff work incredibly hard in challenging circumstances and they deserve to be fairly paid.They have endured the public sector pay cap since 2010, which has left them 14% worse off in real terms. Many are struggling to provide for themselves and their families."

You can sign the petition here. 

Want to know exactly what Nurses get paid? You can find out with our Agenda for Change Guide.

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