Record numbers of nurses seeking emergency financial help

The Royal College of Nursing say the number of nurses having to seek emergency financial help has risen by 50% since 2010.

The figures, released by the Royal College or Nursing (RCN), demonstrate that more than 700 registered nurses and healthcare assistants applied for grants worth an average of £500 last year.

25% of these grants – which help with cost of food, travel and rent – were awarded to nursing staff earning a full time salary.

There were a total of 707 applications in 2016 for hardship grants to the RCN Foundation, compared to 461 in 2001 – a rise of 53%.

In total £250,000 worth of grants, ranging from £100 to £1,000 in value, were handed out. In stark contrast during 2006 the total amount distributed was £56,000.

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Janet Davies, General Secretary of RCN, said: “These grants are an invaluable lifeline to so many nursing staff. But is a sad indictment that a growing number require financial assistance, even those on full time salaries, simply to cover everyday costs. Too many are struggling to make ends meet, with some taking on second jobs or even turning to foodbanks“.

If you are a nurse suffering with financial hardship, don’t suffer in silence, you can contact either the RCN Foundation, Unison Hardship Fund or The Cavell TrustYour employer may also be able to help.