Rejecting the pay deal is 'deluded' and 'unrealistic', says RCN Negotiator

The Royal College of Nursing's Chief Negotiator claims that members who wish to aggressively reject the proposed NHS pay deal are 'deluded' and 'unrealistic'.

Josie Irwin, the Royal College of Nursing's (RCN) Chief Negotiator during the recent NHS pay discussions claims that members who wish to 'aggressively reject' the NHS pay deal are 'deluded' and 'unrealistic' about the alternatives.

The RCN worked alongside fourteen other healthcare unions, including Unison, to negotiate the proposed NHS pay deal with the Government - which members are set to vote on later this month.


With gender pay gaps in the headlines and nursing being a predominantly female profession, the NursingStandard article titled, 'A ‘male’ style of negotiation would not have delivered a better pay deal', argues that an all-female team nor a more aggressive ''male'-style' of negotiating would have changed the outcome of the negotiations and the deal is the 'best possible' in the current economic climate.

Whilst many agree the gender of the team is irrelevant, the style and context of negotiations are certainly paramount.

Ms Irwin admits in the article; "It is not the best they [members] hoped for, but they [members] understand it is probably the best they will get."

Concluding the article with; "Critics who advocate an aggressive rejection of the deal without a credible alternative approach may be deluded about the effectiveness of such a ‘male’ approach. They are also unrealistic."

The RCN warns that if members reject the offer, it is likely that pay recommendations would be made by the NHS Pay Review Body and as the £4.2 billion of extra funding agreed by the Treasury would no longer be available, the offer could revert to the 1% of previous years.

Many, including its own members, have raised concerns over the sub-inflation deal and the union has been heavily criticised on social media for its pro-deal agenda.

A spokesperson for the RCN said: “We make no apology for defending this hard-won deal in very strong terms. Every single member of the RCN will see their pay rise by considerably more than in recent years and that should not be forgotten.”

You can view the proposed changes to the agenda for change pay scales.

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