Mentor Feedback Template for NMC Revalidation

Feedback can be obtained from patients or other members of the MDT. 

23 July 2016
nursing and midwifery council

NMC Revalidation was introduced in April 2016 and part of the requirement for revalidation is to obtain feedback on your practice.


This feedback can be obtained from patients or other members of the MDT.

This form has been designed to enable students to give structured feedback to practice mentors. The use of this form is not essential – we have created it for ease and to help prevent duplication. 

DOWNLOAD: You can download the template free of charge either as a PDF or for Microsoft Office.

To enable the contact to be used as revalidation feedback, the feedback provided should be specific to the Nurse to which the evidence is being provided and NOT the placement or personal opinions of staff.


If you have had any issues you should contact your university or find a more appropriate forum for feedback.

Nurses’ feedback evidence should be obtained from a number of sources including; patients, colleagues, students and members of the MDT.

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