Agenda for Change NHS Pay Scales 2018/19

The agenda for change pay system covers all staff except doctors, dentists and very senior managers.

NHS Employers and healthcare unions have announced changes to the Agenda for Change Pay Structure.

The agenda for change pay system covers all staff except doctors, dentists and very senior managers. Each of the nine pay bands has a number of pay points.

The infographic below shows the agenda for change transitional pay period for the 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 financial years.


How do I plot my Pay Journey?

On the chart above you will usually progress as shown below. This will be subject to you meeting the new criteria set out ‘When should I receive an increment’ below.

Agenda for Change Payscales: 2018 to 2021

In June, healthcare unions voted ‘overwhelmingly’ to accept the proposed changes to the agenda for change system.

This information was taken directly from the NHS Staff Council Framework agreement on the reform of Agenda for Change. The pay journey some staff may be slightly different from the number above. You should use the NHS Employers Pay Journey Tool for individualised figures.

Living in London? 

Staff living in or around London will receive a supplementation on their basic pay. This is due to the increase in living costs associated with life in London.

  • Staff living in inner London will receive an extra 20% of basic salary.
  • Staff living in outer London will receive an extra 15% of basic salary.
  • Staff living on the fringe of London will receive an extra 5% of basic salary.

Depending on the trust you work for this is either integrated into your basic pay amount of shown on your payslip as a supplementary payment. 


When should I receive an increment?

Following the recent change to the agenda of change system, incrementation will no longer take place on a yearly basis and will be subject to meeting performance criteria set out by your employer. 

According to the agreement, staff will progress to their next pay-step point in their pay band where the following can be demonstrated: the appraisal process has been completed with outcomes in line with the organisation’s standards and no formal capability process is in place

  • There is no formal disciplinary action live on the staff member’s record.
  • Statutory and/or mandatory training has been completed.
  • For line managers only – must have completed appraisals for all their staff.
  • Any local standards, as agreed through local partnership working.

You should, however, still receive yearly appraisals.

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