Preparing For Your Placement

Preparation is key.

Matt Bodell
6 June 2017
nursing students on the ward

Preparation for your placements will give you confidence before you start and can put you ahead of the game.

You should try and visit your placement area before you start. Wards and units can vary greatly. Visit the area you have been assigned to before you start and ask if there is anything you should be aware of prior to starting.


Identify your learning needs and outcomes as early as possible. Identify these early and be aware of the skills you want to develop or learn – this will help you get the most from your placement.

Know your documentation. Ensure you have clarified with your university which parts of your training documentation need to be completed by your mentor. It can be hard to complete these at a later date.

We have created several useful guides on preparing for placement in specialist areas, you can find those here:

You may also find out guide on how to survive your management placement useful. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to ask questions, get involved and tell somebody if your unsure. 


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