Downloadable Pressure Area Care Prompts for Hospitals & Care Homes

Using a traffic light system we have created a bright colour coded visual prompt so staff are reminded how often pressure area care is due.

They are not only fantastic prompts for staff but they are also great at demonstrating how proactive your trust or organisation is with its pressure area care to other patients and visitors.

The signs are FREE to download and use but we request that you don’t edit the signs or sell them without prior permission.


The Red Sign is designed for patients or clients who are at severe risk of pressure damage and require pressure area care frequently, usually between 0 and 4 hourly. You can download the Red Sign here

The Amber Sign is designed for patients or clients who have a medium risk of developing pressure area damage and require care between 4 and 6 hourly. You can download the Amber Sign here

The Green Sign is designed for patients or clients who may be at a low risk of developing pressure area damage and may require minimal intervention such as visual inspections. You can download the Green Sign here

How to use: You should print these onto a thick card, using a colour printer and laminate. This will not only allow you to easily change the information on the sign but makes it wipeable and in line with infection control guidelines.

If your looking for a more professional finish you can contact a local printer who will be able to print these onto a wipeable plastic board to mount.

Using a dry-wipe marker insert the information you need and update as often as needed.


Customisation: We can, upon request, apply your organisations’ logo to each of the signs or edit any detail. This would, however, be subject to a small charge. We would also remove the copyright notice and transfer ownership to your organisation.

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