Shift Planner for Nurses, Students & Support Staff

Shift planning is an essential part of safe and effective care. Some people use a piece of paper while others have their thoughts well arranged in their head, either way, everybody does it.

This shift planner has been designed with newly qualified nurses and student nurses in mind but would be suitable for anybody to use.

You can download our Shift Planner for FREE. You are free to download, print and distribute our shift planner as you wish. You will need a PDF reader on your PC to download. 

The planner has been created with two primary columns, one for your main nursing priorities and one to remind you to hand over jobs to the next shift. It also features a small key and area for general notes. Due to limited space, we have only included enough room to plan up to eight patients, if you need more we encourage you to print double-sided.

We encourage you to make comments or suggestions in the comments section below. The most popular will be implemented in a version 2.

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