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Revalidation Feedback "Overwhelmingly Positive" says NMC

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Revalidation Feedback

The Nursing and Midwifery Council published data this week showing that 35,000 Nurses and Midwives have successfully completed their revalidation since it's introduction in April. 

They claim the data highlights that renewal rates are in line with those seen in previous years, with no evidence of revalidation having an adverse effect on the register. The NMC reaffirm that across the four UK countries revalidation rates are very similar, ranging from 91 percent to 94 percent. You can view the complete report online here


Chief Executive and Registrar Jackie Smith said; "This demonstrates that nurses and midwives across the four countries are embracing revalidation. Feedback so far is overwhelmingly positive."

We have put together some tips to help you successfully revalidate;

Feedback from Nurses who have completed their revalidation have been mixed but most Nurses state the process isn't as complex as they initially thought. If you are worried about revalidation you should seek advise from your line manager.

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