Staff Nurse sets her sights on a seat in Westminster

Danielle Tiplady, a Staff Nurse from London, has set her sights on a seat in Westminster in a bid to ensure the voices of the working-class are heard in parliament.

A Staff Nurse from London has set her sights on becoming the next Labour candidate for the ‘austerity-hit’ Thurrock constituency – a seat which is currently held by Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, since 2010.

Danielle’s campaign banners an anti-austerity message and wants to ensure the voices of the working-class are heard ‘loud and clear’ in parliament.


Describing herself on social media as a staff nurse, activist and socialist, Danielle is a prominent advocate of the Royal College of Nursing’s #ScrapTheCap and #BursaryOrBust campaigns and has been very outspoken in her support for the NHS.

During a Live BBC News interview prior to the 2017 General Election, Danielle championed better pay and working conditions NHS staff.

Five nurses currently hold seats in the Houses of Parliament and, controversially, three of these voted against lifting the public sector pay cap during a debate on the Queens speech.

Danielle has gained the support of Labour’s Momentum, the grassroots socialist organisation founded in 2015 and catapulted Jeremy Corbyn to Labour leadership.

In a statement on Facebook she said;

“I’m Danielle Tiplady a nurse in East London, and I’m putting myself forward for selection in Thurrock. Austerity has hit Thurrock hard and there is a sense the community has been failed by de-industrialisation and globalisation. It is easy to understand why former Labour supporters turned to elsewhere to re-establish control over their lives.

The people of Thurrock need to feel valued and they need a different kind of representative. The Tories see their role as managing decline, I see mine as reversing it. I will challenge the privatisation of our public services and take on the multinationals that have hoarded Britain’s wealth for themselves.

The 2017 General Election suggested Labour can win on a radical manifesto, provided the party is united. Our anti-austerity message appealed outside of Labour’s core vote and there is an increasing sense that the Tories are not fit to govern. Now public opinion is turning against austerity, we need to re-establish Labour’s economic credibility and outline our plans for better jobs, wages, and growth.

As a nurse in East London I have first-hand experience of the deprivation created by austerity. Poverty and injustice are not abstract ideas to me, but a daily reality. As a working-class woman, I can truly engage with those who feel left behind and win Thurrock for Labour”.

You can follow Danielle’s journey on Facebook and Twitter.