Should students vote at home or at university?

This year’s snap election is taking place in June, but should you vote within your home or university constituencies or can you vote in both?

According to an exclusive Independent poll, one-third of voters are choosing to vote tactically in Junes snap election - choosing to vote in an area where a candidate holds a marginal seat ensuring their vote counts the most.

Firstly, if you not done so, you need to register to vote before the 22/05/2017.


You can find out where your vote will count the most by entering your home and university postcodes into the website. See the YourVoteMatters website for specific information on the 2017 General Election. 

Can I vote twice, once at home, once at university?

Even if you are registered to vote in two areas – at home and at uni – you can only vote in one at a general election. It is against the law to vote twice in a general election. 

Who should I vote for?

We are not telling you who you should vote for, we are just telling you to vote. Take a look manifestos, listen to the debates, make an informed choice.

You can find manifestos here; Labour, Conservative (Pending Release), UKIP, Lib Dem, Green.