Support staff will no longer be rewarded for loyalty or experience

Under the new NHS pay proposals, clinical and administrative support staff will be hit the hardest in the long-term.

Presently, all NHS staff receive yearly incrementation until they reach the top of their pay banding but under new proposals, staff would increment to the top of their band within two years and see no further regular increase in pay despite gaining further experience. 

Although rapid progression to the top of the band is good, dedicated staff would not be rewarded for their loyalty to the NHS or increase in skills base.


The changes would affect staff who are paid in accordance with agenda for change band 2, 3 and 4.

Unsociable hours are also set to be changed for bands 1-3, with an average reduction of 3% over the three year period.

A spokesperson for NursingNotes said; “Clinical and administrative support staff are the backbone of the NHS and we need to reward their ongoing development with regular incrementations in pay”.

Healthcare activists are calling for the pay deal to be rejected.

You can view the proposed changes here.

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