Transparency Statements

Who are we?

NursingNotes brings you free-to-view content that, as nurses and allied healthcare professionals, we feel passionate about.


As an organisation, we understand that words have power. We, therefore, require all NursingNotes writers and contributors to be accurate with their words, features, and headlines.

All articles marked for publication pass-through an editorial process that seeks to ensure any claims are correct at the time of publication.

Articles marked as ‘Opinion’ are the views of the author highlighted for the purposes of mindful debate and not that of NursingNotes.

Ownership and Funding

NursingNotes is wholly owned and operated by WordWire Limited. WordWire Limited (Company No. 11250786), a registered company in England and Wales. We receive no external funding and rely on ad revenue for funding.

Corrections and Complaints Policy

While we make every effort to ensure our content is correct at the time of publication, complaints and correction requests can be made directly to our editor.

You can view our complaints policy here. 

Ethics Policy

We are passionate about working alongside our readers. We dedicate ourselves to honesty, fairness and respect for the individual.

We sometimes make an editorial decision not to cover certain news or events if they conflict with our ethical standards.