Unbelievably poor turnout on vote over NHS Pay

Only 10% of Royal College of Nursing members have voted on the proposed NHS Pay Deal.

Graeme Stokes, Chair of the Royal College of Nursing in Brighton and Hove, revealed on social media that only around 10% of RCN members have exercised their right to vote over the proposed NHS pay deal that was announced in March.

The proposals include significant changes to the agenda for change pay structure which will affect the majority of healthcare workers.


In April, a leaked motion calling for RCN branches to reject the deal revealed several key concerns over the proposed pay deal.

NursingNotes revealed research last week which indicated that many healthcare professionals were unaware of the need to vote on the proposed changes or are confused over the complexities of the deal.

You still have time to vote.

When we contacted the Royal College of Nursing to comment on the rumoured poor turnout a spokesperson said; “Voting is still ongoing and we will announce the result when the poll closes in June.”

RCN members only have until the 5th of June 2018 to vote when the results of the consultation will be passed to the RCN Trade Union Committee who will make the final decision over the deal. RCN Member working for the NHS in England? You can vote here.

It is expected that the results of the consultation will be announced alongside other healthcare unions on the 8th of June 2018.

It is not known how these figures compare with other healthcare unions.