Vote to End Public Sector Pay Cap Defeated by 14 Votes

The Labour amendment to bring an end to the 1% pay cap on public sector workers was defeated by a majority of 14 votes.

This morning the Labour Party tabled a proposition to end the on-going pay cap on public sector workers during a debate on the Queens Speech. But the vote has been defeated by a majority of just 14 votes.

MPs voted down the motion to end pay cuts and pay restraint for Nurses and other public sector workers by 323 votes to 309 - a majority of just 14 votes.


The vote cam just a day after the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) started their 'Summer of Protest'.

Last week the RCN alongside 14 other healthcare unions wrote to Theresa May and called upon the Government to commit to the removal of the pay cap and address the real-terms loss of earnings. They warned that failing to do so could lead to industrial action across the board.

A recent poll of RCN members which found 91% would support a form of industrial action following ongoing pay restraint.

Janet Davies, RCN Chief Executive, said: “This is a bitter disappointment for nurses and others in the public sector. At lunchtime, there were signs the Government was listening to our calls, but by the evening they voted to keep the pay cap in place. Our members' Summer of Protest will continue.

“But we also know that a growing number on the Government’s own benches agree the cap should be scrapped. We will continue to build cross-party support this summer. If the Prime Minister intends to address pay in an autumn Budget, she should do so without delay.

"The pay cap stands in the way of filling the 40,000 vacant nurse posts in England. When NHS and care services are short of safe staffing, patients pay a heavy price.

“It is welcome that the Government has said it will listen to the Pay Review Body’s evidence but they must also act on it. The RCN will play its part in showing ministers how they can address the real-terms loss of earnings – worth £3,000 a year - since 2010.”